How to be a Good Business Leader like Blake Goldring

Business has been existing for a long time. Businesses are one of the major components of a country. They are usually involved in providing goods and services to users or consumers. Businesses can also be those owned and runs by governments with specific purposes.

Business is usually established after a business proposal or development had been made. This specifies what kind and type of business it will be and how to achieve its goals and objectives to earn a profit. It will then be registered and several papers will be processed to make it legal. Then hiring the needed personnel is very important for the business to runs smoothly.

Every business needs a very good leader that can run the business and make the necessary critical decisions for it to be successful. And one good example of this leader is blake goldring. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of AGF Management Limited. AGF Management Limited is a business management holding company asset owned by the public. Under his leadership, AGF has expanded from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia. He is also the chairman of the non-partisan organization called Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve which encourages community leaders from all over Canada to support military personnel and families of the Canadian soldier.

Characteristics of Good Business Leader

  1. He/she should know his different strengths and weaknesses and of the business he/she is running.
  2. Can make decisions quickly and stand with it.
  3. Should treat everyone properly and equally.
  4. Knows the information needed to run the business and how to handle his people.

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